eOFW.net aims to collate useful information on Finance and Communications services and share them with Overseas Filipino Workers and their families.

This survey asks expat Filipinos what information is useful for them.

All senders with complete entries will have the chance to win 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez a great starting point for common Filipinos on their path to financial freedom. Five copies of this personal finance book are up for grabs! (Total Value: Php 1,750)

Take 5 minutes to help us help OFWs around the world, and a chance to win a book just by answering these simple questions!

a.) Which of the Finance topics below are useful for you?
1 – Very Useful for me
2 – Moderately Useful
3 – Not useful for me
e.g. write “Remittance – 1” if Remittance articles are Very Useful for you

Remittance –
Investments –
Savings –
Entrepreneurship –
Real Estate –
Online Banking –
Loans –
Statistics –
Bank Services –

(Please specify)

b.) Which of the Communications topics below are useful for you?
1 – Very useful for me
2 – Moderately Useful
3 – Not useful for me

Cheap IDD calls –
Voice over IP –
Cheap SMS –
Mobile phone services –
Internet communications –

(Please specify)

c.) What kind of online articles appeal most to you?
1 – Very appealing for me
2 – Moderately appealing
3 – Not appealing at all

News –
Opinions –
Interviews –
Statistics –
True stories –
Tips/How To’s –

(Please specify)

d.) How can eOFW better serve OFW needs for finance and communications information?
(Please specify — best idea automatically wins a book)

e.) Respondent Information (Optional):


Send your completed survey to admin[at]eofw.net

Please make sure you indicate/use a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win Bo Sanchez’ book.

Forward this to your friends and they too could win a copy of Bo’s “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich!” book.

eOFW.Net is open to contributors. Send us an email, let us know what interests you aside from interest rates. 😀