I was in the US with my family for a dream vacation. I wanted to check my credit card balances. I could access my bank account via the web (www.bpiexpressonline.com) by credit card details such as statement balance, current balance are usually easier to get through phone banking.

I tried it out. I found BPI Express Phone banking international Toll-free numbers and dialled the US toll-free hotline. I encountered the usual voice prompt — same one I hear when I make a call from the Philippines. Later, a Filipino phone banker answered.

Out of curiousity, I asked the phone banker: “Excuse me, does your monitor show which part of the world I’m calling from?” She replied that she can’t tell. She just knows I dialled a toll-free number. Impact to me: the phone banker could potentially give me some “local” banking advise, e.g. “kindly send us a fax message” not realizing that it might be an inappropriate advice given the geographic location of the BPI subscriber.

Nevertheless, there’s a convenient way to bank from outside the country. I recommend using BPI Expressphone banking through international toll free numbers in combination with BPI Expressonline! Good job, BPI!

ka edong
BPInoy talaga ako, buong buo!

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