Here’s a service by East West Bank

Five days too long? East West Bank guarantees you will get the results for your housing loan application upon submission of complete requirements in just three days – a first in the market.

In addition, it extended its maximum term to 30 years, breaking the previous maximum of 25 years offered in the market.

A longer term means lighter monthly amortization for your pocket.

To know more, call 667-5514, 667-5538, 667-5536, 667-5548 and 631-4606.

I find this ironic. I just called my contact at East West bank today following up a copy of my title for a property which I completed downpayment in September 2007. After 4 months, I still don’t have the title. My contact explained that they’re encountering some red tape at the registry of deeds. hmmm….

Thus, the bank promises to approve a housing loan application in 3 days, but hasn’t issued copy of my title after 4 months.  Hmmm….

ka edong

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