I saw a brochure at BDO about managing post-dated cheques (PDCs).

The BDO service allows clients to entrust post-dated checks to BDO. Then BDO will automatically “deposit” the cheque in the client’s BDO account upon maturity of the check.

Thought this would be useful to avoid having to go to the bank each time a post-dated check issued to me reaches the maturity date. Maybe good also for OFWs who have PDC’s issued to them, whether in peso or in dollar.

I inquired today and the manager shared that most of their clients have a couple hundred checks in a month! I, on the other hand, have one post-dated check per month! The manager asked me a few questions and said she’ll endorse my application (without any application form) to their head office. Tatawagan nalang daw ako.

I wonder if the service can be used by common people like us …

Update (April 4, 2007), Reply from BDO Megamall B (bh.sm-megamall-b@bdo.com.ph):

As per you inquiry re: postdated check warehousing, the facility is only available for single proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.  In case you still have questions, please feel free to call 702-6000 local 5105 and look for Ms. Reina.

Thank you.


Thanks for info, Beda.

p.s. I expect BDO to start offering this service to the general public in the near future.

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