From a print ad on a broadsheet:

6.0% Guaranteed*

  • Minimum of Php50,000
  • 5-year placement, tax-free
  • Accessible monthly income

*Rate is per annum and subject to change without prior notice.

Manage your account online via PSBank Remote Banking. Open a time deposit now in any of 163 branches nationwide.

For more information text PSBANK PRIME <your name> <landline no.> <email address> then send to 391-772 for Smart or 0917-890-2327 for Globe and other networks or visit our website at

Finance books (Colayco, Bo Sanchez, Robert Kiyosaki) generally advise that Time Deposits are not a recommended mechanism for savings. That’s because the interest rate loses to the inflation rate.

We’re providing the info on PSBank’s Prime TimeDeposit as options for people — use this facility if it addresses your needs. Know the details of fees and taxes, and the Effective Interest Rate.

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