I’ll be out of the country for a couple of weeks. I wonder how I’ll do with managing my finances remotely ….

I issued some post-dated cheques that will mature while I’m away. I have some bills to pay while I’m away. I need to make some payments to some people while I’m away. I’ll have some credit card purchases while on my trip. And a couple other bank transactions on the side.

I have online access to my bank accounts. Is it enough? What’s lacking? How will I handle the gap? I wonder and am looking forward to discovering the limitations of managing Philippine-based funds from outside the Philippines.  

And while I’m away, I’ll be observing the OFW environment and will try to understand better what kind of finance and communications concerns are on their mind.

Will I survive? I will survive! hey-hey!

ka edong
at first I was afraid, I was petchapie

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