Sam Milby endorses a BPI payment system called EPS or “Electronic Payment System”.

From the BPI EPS website:

Take advantage of BPI’s exclusive service.
BPI’s most advanced banking technology allows you to fill your shopping bags with groceries– without even touching the pesos in your pocket. That’s because when settling your bill at the check-out counter, simply pay with your BPI Express Teller Card. Your account will be debited automatically from your savings or checking account.

It’s good to see how BPI is promoting this service to a wider audience. (BPI’s Electronic Payment System has been available for more than 5 years). You can tell which audience they are targetting by choice of endorser – Sam Milby. 

How does this apply to OFWs?

Unfogettable Day with Sam MilbyOFWs have a need to monitor expenses of their family more closely. They need to help allocate budget and make sure that the budget is used for the right purposes.

By using a combination of BPI Expressonline and EPS, an OFW outside the country can look into the expenses of a particular card of a family member. EPS transactions reflect on BPI Expressonline, thus an OFW can look into whether the P10,000 (for example) was indeed used at the mall to purchase the month’s groceries.

Get the idea?

It’s just a matter of finding ways for OFWs to help their families back home spend for the right things. (To not spend for beer when the budget was for food).

Read more about BPI Express Payment System at their website. Oh by the way, there’s one more thing! If you get an EPS account, you have the chance to win an “Unforgettable Day with Sam Milby!”

ka edong
EPS – Edwin Purposeful Soriano

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