I received this email from a friend from the other side of the globe over at Switzerland.

I was excited to read his email especially since just a few hours before the emai, I was interviewed by Erwin Oliva of Inquirer and did in fact mention an example of : “… how to pay Meralco bills from, say, Switzerland.”

Here’s Denggoy’s email …

Edwin, galing! i read the inquirer article about you on your eOFW
webiste. this is quite interesting. Being an OFW myself, I actually
like the idea of being able to manage my local (Philippine) finances
from here in Switzerland. I depend on ebanking a lot and aside from
remitting, I also pay my bills through it including electricity,
mobile phone, credit cards, association dues, etc. Kakaaliw lang that
you can actually facilitate such things online and ive been doing it
for quite a while now…

I’m asking Denggoy to share with our readers how he does it.

This is exactly the kind of information we want to share with our readers!

Here’s to more of these kind of stories in eOFW!

ka edong

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