EPAYA few days ago, I wrote about wanting to have a credit or debit card that I can use to make small online purchases without worrying about unexpected charges more than my intended online purchase amount.

I found a link to EPAY from Yuga’s blog. Looks like EPAY can do just what I asked for (small online purchases) and more!

What can EPAY offer?

EPAY is a unique system facilitating all major ways of financial transactions. With an EPAY account, you can do financial transactions from any country in the world. You can send and receive money from any country, control your account and all monetary transfers online including recurring/subscription and multiple transfers, use EPAY cards including virtual VISA cards, virtual debit MasterCard cards, exchange digital units using bank wire, e-gold, pecunix, send SMS and make SMS payments, send invoices to any mobile phone worldwide and/or to any email, and other EPAY financial services. With such an all-inclusive service offering a single EPAY account is more than enough to satisfy the needs of regular users or entrepreneurs.

EPAY features include:

  • All the online money transfer options you want!
  • Single account for personal, business and merchant solutions
  • Merchant facilities for your website with no chargebacks
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Accept USD, EUR and IBAN bank payments from your website
  • Multiple and recurring/subscription payment facilities
  • A FREE account with no monthly, yearly or storage fees
  • The ability to various funding and withdrawal options
  • Send money to your family and friends in more than 196 countries with a debit card

How can an OFW use EPAY?

  1. Send cash to any country
    You can send your EPAY Premium debit cards worldwide, including countries that are not accepted by some online payment systems: South Africa, Philippines, Morocco, India, Ukraine, Mexico, Cuba, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam etc.
  2. EPAY Virtual Credit Cards – set your own credit limit
    EPAY virtual credit cards come with an amazing set of innovative features that not only entitles you for the safest mode of money transfer worldwide, but also ensures that you are never out of funds. In fact, based on your requirement, you can load your virtual credit card so that finds are no longer a constraint, no matter where you may be.
  3. Email Money Transfers – send money to anyone with a valid email address (EPAY members and non-EPAY members). If the beneficiary is not an EPAY account holder, the payment confirmation will go to his email along with your affiliation link, inviting him to sign up for an EPAY account in order to receive the payment.
  4. Make Online Mobile Payments – send payment from your EPAY account to any mobile phone worldwide. The beneficiary does not need to be an EPAY account holder to accept your payment.

From what I understand in item 1 above, EPAY allows members to send debit cards direct to a beneficiary’s postal address. Isn’t that a convenient way to send a versatile gift to loved ones? The beneficiary will be able to make purchases using the debit card.

Interesting how this service brings together such a versatile and inclusive set of payment systems.

Visit http://www.epayarea.com/ to learn more about EPAY.

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