Maybe our readers can help me out with this…

I want to make a purchase via the Internet. It’s only $30. I want to protect myself so that I am not charged more than this small amount.

Although I am able to conduct other purchases online via my regular credit card on established websites (e.g., , I want some extra security when I purchase from websites which I don’t really trust 100%.

Q: How can I make a purchase online while protecting myself from being overcharged?

My initial answer was to use a debit card (or cash card). My thinking is, if I use a debit card (or cash card), the website can charge me only up to a ceiling of what is available in the debit card.

I inquired at BDO and at BPI. They do not have debit cards or cash cards that can be used for online purchases. eBiz also has a cash card, but one reader shared that the eBiz Visa Cash Card cannot be used for online purchases. I inquired at eBiz and the attendant couldn’t verify that information.

Any ideas from our readers?

ka edong

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