Paymanila is a unique online fund-transfer web service that caters primarily to Filipinos that have online jobs, Filipinos that are earning money on line, and Filipinos working abroad, offshore and are remitting money to rela

tives in the Philippines. This web service caters to some basic functions such as online bills payment, and cellular phone credits reloading. The site promotes the efficiency of managing OFW finances within the country, and provides a step by step easy approach for you to do so. Unfortunately, unlike various internet financial transaction web services, PayManila doesn?t allow you to remit funding or transfer money directly to your accounts, however it acts as an intermediary that assists and facilitates you to do this. The good part of this service is it doesn?t process your transactions through automatons or software, however, your transactions are guided by human touch and are assured that your bills are guaranteed paid on time, and your prepaid credits are delivered to your mobile account efficiently. PayManila Online Services 1. PayBill 2. Buy Eload online: Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular 3. Electronic Cash conversion: GCash to Smart Money, Smart Money to GCash PAYBILL and ONLINE ELOAD The PayBill service of PayManila is truly an innovative new revolution in the Filipino society. It allows you to effectively pay your bills remotely,

even from offshore locations. All you need is either any of the following verified accounts; Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, MoneyBookers, and PhP. The PayBill website covers a huge lineup of bills payment services which includes the following: 1. Meralco ? Metro Manila Electricity utility 2. Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications ? Telephone company 3. SMART communications ? Mobile phone services 4. Globe Telecommunications ? Mobile phone services 5. Sun Cellular ? Mobile phone services 6. BayanTel ? Telephone company 7. Maynilad Waters ? Metro Manila water utility 8. Manilawater- Metro Manila water utility 9. Skycable ? Cable TV company 10. Destiny Cable ? Cable TV company 11. VECO 12. Smart and Globe prepaid credits 13. Smart and Globe Electronic Cash 14. EON payments ? Unionbank online banking The PayBill service also promises to add new services later on in its operating lifetime. Aside from online payment contractors, PayManila also allows its users and members to pay via Globe Gcash, or Smart Money, which is a big plus for the service realizing that these forms of payment have already established itself in today?s society. As said earlier in this review, PayManila has the ?Human Touch? behind its transactions ? Live tellers help facilitate your transactions in a helpful manner. An individual who wishes to avail of this service just needs to accomplish a simple 6-point process ? Provide your name, your email address, select the type of utility you are paying, enter the bill number, select the payment process ? and your done, you don?t even have to run around town, waiting through queue lines, and rushing to teller cashiers for you to meet up with the deadline. GCASH TO SMART MONEY AND VICE VERSA CONVERSION This conversion is the first of its kind to be offered in Philippines soil. Simply provide PayManila the Gcash (or Smart money) and they?ll give it back converted to Smart money (or Gcash). The service entails a small fee that?s easy on the wallet and again, doesn?t require you to personally visit a Globe or Smart Center. Fees start at Php20 for every minimum of 1-1000 pesos and has increments of Php2 for every 100 pesos added after that. This transfer could also be facilitated with using your own banking accounts like Unionbank, EON debit card, Chinabank, and some selected BancNet member banks – Metrobank, RCBC, RCBC Savings, Allied Bank, Citibank, Citibank Savings, to name a few. BENEFITS The PayManila service looks innocent enough on the outside; however, on the inside it spells one single world ? Efficiency. In today?s online world, everybody who?s anybody is looking at an easier way to accomplish stuff. With PayManila?s online bills payment offered in Metro Manila, the possibilities are endless. The good thing about this service is you don?t have to go to the merchant to pay, all you have to do is specify a bill, specify your account number, specify your payment method, and you?re done. Paymanila in my opinion will assist mostly OFW?s who are interested in providing an easier option for there families back home a cheaper, and safer way of providing financial assistance back home. Paymanila website: Related:

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