Filipinos are more adept in business than any other culture in the world.

They devise more and more ways for you to earn money, and by doing so, giving you unlimited ways of earning sideline cash.

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gn: left;”>Recently, the Philippines has also been renowned to be the world?s ?Texting? hub wherein more and more Filipinos daily send a huge amount of text messages than any other country abroad today. And with that huge amount of text messages, some of the best Filipino management and marketing groups like ADI telecommunications, have come up with some of the best and finest promotions and opportunities available today when it comes to mixing business with telecommunications. They have come up with the Enegosyo proposal to offer to anyone who wish to start their own prepaid reloading business.

Programs with the Enegosyo Proposal 1. Enegosyo Direct ? the ENEGOSYO DIRECT package allows you to maximize profit through multiple layers of income scheme. Under the Enegosyo direct program, you can choose

two different sub-programs; The Personal Package program, and the Business-dealership package. The personal package program allows you to earn income personally by allowing you to disburse and sell prepaid load via your cellular phone or an interconnected-pc. The Personal Package includes:

    -Discounted load -Personal Retailing Profit (PRP) -Reward points every time you load up -Rewards Points Bonus (RPB) -PLUS Retailing Opportunities

Another program under the Enegosyo Direct proposal is the Business Dealership package which allows you to sell prepaid credits on a wholesale basis. With Php8,000 pesos of initial income you can get various business options and opportunities such as:

    -30 Retail Kits -Override Commission -Retail Profits -Referral Fees -Rewards Program

With the Business-dealership package you can not only sell prepaid credits, but also other value-added credits such as Internet cards, online gaming cards, TV vote cards, and many more. 2. Enegosyo E.A.R.N ? The EARN program pretty much works like Enegosyo direct proposal, but works a little bit differently from the latter. EARN is the startup package of the Enegosyo proposals. It is here that you get the basic benefits with direct with the added twist of adding an Executive Business Promoter (EBP) bonus by promoting the business to others. Summary of the Enegosyo Review The Enegosyo program is very accessible and very versatile to anybody who is interested in starting out their own prepaid credits reloading business. The site is so well- setup that everything is already there for you to start. The site has a log-in option for you to manually connect with the Enegosyo package and to monitor your resources online. The Enegosyo program provides Filipinos with various options and choices for you to decide on what choice you wish to take and what option is best for you in your situation. Overall, if you really wish to start earning some sideline income, then better consider this opportunity. Related Links: 1. Enegosyo Direct 2. Enegosyo EARN 3. Enegosyo FAQ 4. Contact the Author, or visit his Homepage

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