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Majority of the Filipinos resort to going abroad simply because of the needs to make ends meet. But for how long? That, no one can tell. Some have sacrificed and even struggled more than half of their lives serving other country and its people. At the end of the day, they see themselves back to the Philippines empty handed. Of course, no one would want that. With these thoughts in mind, something must be considered at least for an option.

Since most of the Overseas Filipino Workers have their families left back home, several options are possible like venturing into business. But what if you have no enough capital to do so? And the fact that you know nothing about feasibility studies and other business related matters, how do you think this whole thing would fall into its proper places?

Think about it…. definitely you don’t wanna see yourself in another decade working for other Nationals like a slave, day and night, in another country away from your loved ones. The fact that a global recession is just recently happening, we, then, have to think not only twice, but a number of times and ask ourselves “What are the best options in case I have decided to go back home for good? Is my separation pay sufficient enough to pay my debts and other financial responsibilities? Would my SSS contributions able to help cope  up with my family’s needs?”

As these questions wander on your mind, grab a pen and paper, list down the possible options like:

  1. Sari-sari store, but what if competitors are just around your area, front, back, corner, do you think it’ll work?
  2. Turo-turo or famously known as Karinderya, sure it would work but you see it takes a lot of effort to establish a good one.

Now, we got to see the most in demand, affordable and possible option. Many young entrepreneurs have already ventured into foodcart franchise. Majority of them have already proven its worth and projected good sales over the years. In the beginning of early years when foodcart franchising were just newly introduced, a lot of people doubted and backed out for they can’t afford the cost, as a start. These days since it has become a part of our young entrepreneurs’ life, they have come up to a better one – at the rate of Php21,888.00 – YOU – Yes you can be called an Entrepreneur through Filtrepreneur. How? Read along and you’ll see…

FILTREPRENEUR (Filipino Enterpreneur) FRANCHISE, INC. was establish to promote and develop Filipino Entrepreneurship due to strong consumers patronage and aggresive network of marketeers, the number of Franchises has increased significantly from when FFI first started, and with the continous support of a loyal and growing consumer base throughout the country, our Company will keep growing and improving with the ever increasing market demand through a comprehensive and systematic program both for the Framchisee and the consumers. FFI will continue to expand our franchise network. true to our commitment of providing Filipinos with the best quality food products. It is in this spirit that we extend our invitation to you to be part of this commitment and growth.

Majority of the youth community have already proven that franchising could be a solution to the continued struggling lives of the Filipinos particular with the OFWs. Why struggle when you can have the best option?

Convinced yet? If you are, take note of these contact details then and begin with your new venture!

No. 53-B Annapolis Street Greenhills, San Juan (beside National Bookstore)
For more details, you may visit their official website over at

For further inquiries, you may contact:
Look For Ms. Em

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