DBP and Smart Communications made a partnership that provides OFWs an opportunity to put up a business with their family in the Philippines while the OFW works abroad.

Smart provides OFWs an Internet business package which is payable in 12 months via DBP remittance.

DBP president and chief executive officer Reynaldo David said the livelihood program,  “DBP-Smart OFW  I-net Negosyo—Negosyo Mo, Taya Ko,” will provide reintegration and entrepreneurship opportunities for OFWs via bank financing of Smart’s mini-Internet café package, the Smart Bro Computer Station.

“Through the program, OFWs will be able to invest their hard-earned money in a potentially lucrative business that will prepare them for their eventual retirement. Their beneficiaries back home will also become more self-sufficient with the additional income from the business, aside from the monthly remittance,” he added.

Sandali, I wonder why Smart doesn’t do this scheme via Smart Padala. But that’s beside the point 🙂 .

This is another opportunity for OFWs to put up their business. It will take a lot of discipline from the family in the Philippines. It takes business savvy to make the business successful. Hope this scheme has enough business-knowledge support to make the Internet business successful.

Visit Business Mirror for more details.

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