My very good friend, Dex — my partner in crime as volunteer teachers in Cuyo Palawan — has started blogging about finance.

Dexter was one of my first “advisers” about finance and we downed a few SMLights at the QAve MRT station one evening just talking about money, money and … money. Dexter was the first to tell me about PhilEquity Mutual Funds which I eventually invested in as well.

In his blog, Dexter shares his first hand experiences about investing, investing in self development, various investment vehicles, and other finance concepts. Dexter writes in Filipino and simplifies finance principles in a way that the common Filipino can understand.

Dexter declares:

Aasenso Tayo!
Sa mga susunod na araw ito ang mga bagay na nais kung isulat sa blog ko:

1.) Pano tayo aasenso?
2.) Sapat ba ang pag-iimpok para mapalago ang ating salapi?
3.) Simpleng paraan para makatipid
4.) Kanino ako pwedeng magpatulong para makapag invest?

Visit Asenso (

ka edong
aasenso tayo!

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