Pinoycentric – a Chicago-based but Pinas-grounded web publication on arts, culture, and appropriate sciences – interviewed an established blogger, OFW, funny-man, author of two books and an online friend, Nicanor David Jr, also known as BatJay.

Pinoycentric asked BatJay about the most important lessons BatJay has learned as an OFW. Beneath the humor and funny matter-of-fact answers, you’ll find true wisdom that’s sometimes hard to swallow, funny but hits a chord in the insides.

He says it straight, he says it “takles”-ly, but hey, there’s so much truth in BatJay’s tips, much of it revolving around finance. Take it from BatJay, laugh a little, cry a little and take action on your finances!

Pinoycentric: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned as an OFW that you’ll forever remember?

Batjay: Goal #1: Start saving money while you’re young so you can buy a house and have a great life.

2. Find a job in the Philippines that will allow you to achieve goal #1.

3. If you can’t, find a job outside the Philippines that will pay enough money to fulfill goal #1.

4. If it’s possible, don’t leave the country without your spouse and kids. It’s fucking hell to live apart from your wife and it’ll be tough for the kids. No one’s done a study yet on the effect of long-term separation for the families of OFWs, but my guess is that there is a very big price we pay for leaving our spouses and children behind.

5. First thing you do when you leave the country is save enough cash that you can use if ever something happens and you get sent back home. Most OFWs don’t have security of tenure and you need money to live on while you’re in between jobs.

6. Save and invest. I know it’s important to support your relatives back home and how cool it is to own the latest gadgets, but you have to think about saving up because you won’t be young forever.

One insight from BatJay that I agree so much: There’s a huge impact to the Philippines having millions of kids who are growing up without their OFW parents close by to guide them.

There are more tips where that came from. Read the feature and see some photos of BatJay at PinoyCentric >> .
Move over to BatJay’s blog “Kwentong Tambay” for a spice of straight-talk humour to brighten your day 🙂 . Ah, never fails to give me an aching stomach! Congratulations on your second book, BatJay!

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