This article is a follow-through of yesterday’s story about two finance problems: 1.) Passing away too early; 2.) Living too long.

The powerpoint presentation attached is from a friend of mine, Paul Cariaga, where he describes the “X-Curve” concept. The X-Curve describes the financial phases of an adult.

It starts with high responsibility and low savings in young adulthood. At this early phase, the concern is to take care of your family.

We later progress towards big savings and low responsibility. At this late phase, the concern is to take care of our future in old-age.

The presentation explains a few more finance principles like the rule of 72 and the building blocks of a solid financial foundation.

Building a Solid Financial Foundation

Download the presentation, open and click “Read-only”, then view in presentation mode to see Paul’s step-by-step animation:

For more information, contact Paul Cariaga or visit the International Marketing Group website.

Thanks Paul!


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building a foundation

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