2007 for me was a year of phenomenal growth. I had been depressed for more than 1.5 years with the breakdown of my relationship at that time. And I was searching for ways to come out of the darkness. I was reading books, reflecting, journalling, attending seminars. And I was also very open to the many opportunities that life was bringing me.

International Marketing Group - Philippines

International Marketing Group – Philippines

The International Marketing Group (IMG) was among the many growth encounters I had in 2007. I learned about IMG through a colleague at Intel Cavite named Paul. He gladly showed me what he learned from attending the seminars of IMG. He even made powerpoint presentations Intel-style 😉 . He shared with me that the book of Bo Sanchez “7 Secrets of the Truly Rich” contained many of the core principles being taught at IMG. At that time, I was just starting to learn how to manage my finances.

The way I understood IMG at that time is that it was a Multi-Level Marketing group. The products of IMG are financial tools that help people establish their financial freedom. It gave members a chance to acquire financial knowledge, to acquire financial vehicles at lower (broker) rates, and to share these blessings with other people through proper financial education.

At that time, I chose to put IMG on the back burner as I invested my money in Mutual Funds (via PhilEquity) on my own with minimal guidance.

I encountered IMG once again when I was based here in Makati in 2010. I attended all their 4 free seminars at their main office. I got a good wake-up call through a financial assessment. And I signed-up!

Since then, I have been in constant contact with my friends at IMG who would update me with the seminar schedules. I especially liked attending the talks of Rex Mendoza (President of Philam Life) because his messages were always powerful. He uses a good balance of facts, background info and humor that help people change their mindsets about finances.

Recently, I reviewed the lessons of IMG. I went to their main office at King’s Court in Pasong Tamo, Makati. Together with a room full of around 30 attendees, I listened as the presenter explained the core principles of establishing a strong financial foundation. As I listened, I realized that I had skipped a few of the key steps. I understood better that by disregarding a few of the fundamental building blocks of my financial foundation, I made myself and my family vulnerable to many of life’s risks such as sickness, accidents and disability.

Where am I now? I’m rediscovering how to establish a strong financial foundation in IMG. I know that there is a wealth of knowledge in IMG. I’ve taken only four of the free seminars of IMG and I want to learn more. I want to establish my financial foundations the right way. And I know that IMG, together with my friends who are ready to guide me, can help me through this financial journey.

In the next many weeks, I will be on a journey of establishing my financial foundations. I’ll be sharing what I learn in the hope that our readers can learn some and start building their financial foundations as well.

If you wish to learn more about IMG, you can sign-up for the free seminars being conducted on a regular basis all around the Philippines and in different countries around the world. Fill-in your information below and your friends at IMG will contact you for the next schedule of the FREE IMG seminars.

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