Here’s an e-Book “You Can Be Rich!” by David King which I received from my friends Rey Sato and Caloy Ang. There are many lessons to learn from this e-Book. I’d like to share this free e-book to readers of eOFW.Net.

Here are some excerpts, the “7 Steps to be Rich”:

  1. Revealed! Know the 10 secrets to becoming rich
  2. Learn from the masters! Becoming millionaires- and billionaires
  3. Start with your income: know how to budget and save
  4. Make your income grow through selling
  5. It’s time to set up your own business!
  6. Invest your hard-earned profits and earn more
  7. Get rich… and be happy for lifetime

10 Secrets to becoming rich:

  1. Learn the value of time
  2. Set lifelong goals
  3. Stay out of debt
  4. Learn to accept failure- successfully
  5. Developing winning attitudes & habits
  6. Keep everything in focus
  7. Work with the right kind of people
  8. Develop total self- discipline
  9. Develop faith
  10. Make happiness- not wealth- an ultimate goal

Download the e-book “You Can Be Rich” by David King

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