So many of our kababayans are earning so much and don’t know how to manage their money. Call center agents and OFWs alike could use more financial education. We don’t want our kababayans to just waste away their hard-earned money and find themselves without any savings/investments after years of toiling, right?

It all starts with educating ourselves about finances. Philamlife offers free seminars to OFWs and BPO yuppies.

Philamlife also offers pre-departure seminars to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to advise them how to make use of their earnings abroad, through the different investment options available to them “so that they will not become OFWs forever.”

The AIG Asset Builder Plan is one of the available investment options for OFWs and other interested individuals.

The plan features a guaranteed life protection policy and allows a group of fund managers to invest one’s money in different high-yielding investment funds, which were initially available only to large investors.

Returns of investments depend on the performance of one’s chosen funds—be it securities, bonds or equities.

There are many free finance seminars out there. It’s just a matter of keeping your eyes and ears open for these kinds of seminars. Citiseconline, for one, offers free seminars on a regular basis. Multi-level marketing groups also offer these kinds of seminars.

Many (if not all) of these seminars will offer investment opportunities. *You are not obliged* to invest right there and then. Take in the seminar’s lessons and apply them to your life.

Can’t find a seminar just yet? Find a good book at your nearby bookstore (Bo Sanchez’s “Secrets of the Truly Rich”,  Francisco Colayco’s “Pera Mo Palaguin mo”, T Harv Eker’s “The Millionaire Mind”)

Your greatest investment is in yourself!

Links: Philamlife on Sun.Star Cebu,  Philamlife on MoneySense

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