This is the vision shared by Dr. Larry Gamboa (author of best selling books like Think Rich Pinoy, co-author of Think Rich Quick), Trace Trajano (co-author of Think Rich Quick), Bro. Bo Sanchez (author of best selling books like 8 secrets of the Truly Rich), and real estate investor Nelson Terrible.  They themselves are already millionaires (one of them is even a billionaire already) and they plan to realize this vision by 2020. 

To some, it might as well have been called Mission Impossible, but is it? These millionaires believe that acheiving millionaire status quickly is doable through real estate.  The plan is to mentor Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network franchisees into earning their first million through real estate by applying Robert Kiyosaki’s (author of best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad) principles in the Philippine setting.  Once they’ve become millionaires, they can now do their part in accomplishing that mission by in turn mentoring other future millionaires into realizing their vision.  The new millionaires will then mentor other future millionaires, and so on. 

What I like about this vision more than making millionaires out of a million Filipinos, is that it empowers Filipinos to take charge of their own financial destiny.  One of the problems that hinders most people from achieving ther financial goals is the entitlement mentality, a concept I came across with in Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Why we want you to be Rich”.  A lot of people feel that the government is responsible for their well being which makes them content with working behind the desk and getting retirement pay when they get old.  The problem with this is that your retirement is almost always never enough.  It’s about time more Filipinos take control of their financial destiny.  If more Filipinos become rich then the gap between the rich and poor gets smaller.  I believe most of the problems of our country are rooted in poverty and if poverty can be alleviated then we can begin to see how beautiful our country really is. 

Kudos to this mission.  Think rich, Pinoy!

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