“Bak Por Gud”

Back for Good is a term I think is universally understood by OFWs whether in Hong Kong or Italy, Canada or Saudi.

Back for good is a dream, an ambition.

Back for good is being able to be with your family, the way a family is meant to be together.

Back for good is being able to stop working abroad and having the confidence to come back to the Philippines without worrying too much about financial stability of the family.

Back for good is having prepared well enough to come home and have the financial stability to not need to work abroad anymore.

And what stops many Pinoy OFWs from coming “Bak por Gud”?
The lack of Financial Literacy, thus lack of Financial Freedom.

But wait, there’s a way to learn about Financial Freedom from the comforts of your own sofa! (But you’ll need to get up from your sofa to *apply* the lessons if you are to achieve true Financial Freedom).

Pisobilities: Bak Por Gud

Pisobilities: Bak Por Gud

In this breakthrough DVD, the Colayco Foundation presents an entertaining DVD which gives context that will touch the hearts of many OFWs and their families.

I think it’s a good way to educate Filipinos especially the families that are left behind. The OFW family has a big responsibility too in helping their OFW parent to come back for good.

Compared to a book, the DVD is a good medium for edutainment (education + entertainment) that will be an easier first-step for many Filipinos in developing their Financial Literacy.

View the “Pisobilities: Bak Por Gud” teaser video >> . At P250, it is a very good investment to help the OFW and the OFW Family be on the same page in working towards coming home “Bak Por Gud”.

See more videos on Colayco’s finance teachings from various TV shows and seminar materials on their Finance Videos page.

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