Delivers empty box to your place and pick-up the balikbayan box when it is ready to be shipped to the Philippines and be delivered door-to-door to the Philippines or door-to-port.
Manila Forwarders that is based in LA and CA delivers the balikbayan box anywhere in the Philippines 2-7 days on the location. Small and big shipments need to be delivered as soon as possible through air cargo shipment.

Jumbo Box and E-Balikbayan box also been offered by Manila Forwarders. Jumbo Box, bigger than balikbayan box while E-balikbayan box is available all over US that delivers services to whole US. Or send a full container loads of household goods and automobile shipments to any part of the world.

Manila Forwarders gives a lot of choice of balikbayan packages to be delivered to the Philippines.

For the Instant Gifts, FREE Delivery to any point in the Philippines that includes camera, noodles, M&M chocolates, crackers, Oreo, raisins, fruit cocktail if your choice is the Instant Mini Box.

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