Pssst! Ang mga sikreto sa pag-transact sa SSS.
Mahahanap sa SSS Codigo ng Bayan.

Some freight-grade boxes do not pass the requirements of balikbayan boxes that meet its minimum box standards.

Now, Send Company accepts balikbayan boxes that is a double-wall freight grade box that measures 24″L x 24″W x20″H, minimum of 48 ECT or 275 burst test capacity be delivered could qualify for a $99.95. Or if it is doublewall box that measures 24″L x 18″W x 18″H, minimum ECT of 48 or 275 burst test capacity for a special $79.95 shipping rate.

To be able to ship a balikbayan box to the Philippines, buy a SendBox at any participating Retailer Store, Send Company or a Send Company Affiliate then ask for the Customer Instructions and Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED). Fill out the SED and Payment Form. Mail the SED, Payment Form and Payment to the Send Company Office. The Company will send a package that includes Sending Instruction, Customer copy of SED, Invoice, Smart Label and International Punch. If balikbayan box ready for shipment to the Philippines, call the Send Company or drop at any UPS store.

Send Company ships the balikbayan box to the Philippines from any part of the US east of the Misssippi. All 48 states are covered by Send Company.

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