Sometimes we take for granted the contribution we make in this world.

Sometimes we need another person to tell us how much they appreciate the good that we do — only then do we really understand that indeed we have done well.

In the article attached, a journalist from the Middle East reminds his countrymen – and Filipinos as well – of the value that Filipinos bring to the world.

Online version on Arab News, June 16, 2008: Imagine a world without Filipinos

News clipping of the original article:

Imagine a world without Filipinos

Stand proud, Filipino! You are world-class citizen, you are an asset to the world!

Here’s an email I sent to the author of the article:

To: Abdullah Al-Maghlooth <>

Hello Sir,

I received your article via e-mail.
Your article has circulated among Filipinos.
I’ve seen your article printed out and posted on message boards in our office.

I wanted to let you know that I deeply appreciate the very good words you have for Filipinos.
It makes me feel very proud to hear such praises for Filipinos.

I featured your article on my blog, eOFW.Net.

Thank you for reminding us Filipinos of our contribution to our global community!

Mabuhay! (long life!)



ka edong
Proud to be Filipino

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