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Last year I renewed my passport wherein I applied for it the hard way – I filled up the application form, lined up for long hours. I was there from 10am and finally finished by 7pm. Then my new passport was delivered to our home after one week.

DFA Passport Direct: Online Passport Application and Renewal

DFA Passport Direct: Online Passport Application and Renewal

My parents on the other hand applied for the renewal of their passports using  Pilipinas Teleserve’s  DFA Express Passport Delivery. If I had known, I would have used the same service.

My friend, Thea, shares another story. Thea’s 2 kids, both in gradeschool, needed passports. They applied through DFA Passport Direct. Because it was a new passport, the kids had to make a personal appearance at DFA which was coordinated by the DFA Passport Direct service. On the day of the personal appearance, Thea and husband took a leave from work, drove from Cavite to Manila and brought their kids to DFA … only to find out they were given wrong appointment information. They had tocome back another day. 🙁

I’d think that Thea’s experience was an exception. I still believe the DFA Passport Direct provides convenience for a reasonable fee.

DFA Express Passport Delivery service

The DFA Express Passport Delivery service is a 24-hour passport assistance and ordering hotline for all Machine Readable Passport (MRP) applicants. New and renewal applicants can now call and have their MRP requirements picked-up and pre-processed for them.

How does DFA Passport Direct work?

1.        Call DFA Passport Delivery Service Hotline (02) 737-1000

2.        Prepare the requirements.  Requirements vary depending on the kind of application. You can check the requirements on the links below:

a.        For New application:

b.        For Renewal:

c.        For Lost Passports:

General Reminders for applicants:

·         Personal appearance is required except when the applicant is:

o        7 years old and below;

o        65 years old and above or

o        mentally or physically incapacitated.

·         Passports unclaimed after six (6) months will be cancelled per Department Order No. 37-03.

·         The Department is authorized to reject applications not supported by sufficient supporting documents.

·         Check all data in the passport upon release. Passports found to have scripting errors will be replaced gratis if presented for correction six (6) months from date of release.

List of Other Supporting Documents

·         Marriage Contract

·         PRC / IBP ID

·         Land Title

·         Driver’s License

·         Government Service Record

·         Old SSS-E1 form or digitized SSS-ID

·         School Form 137 or Transcript of Records

·         Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship

·         Voter’s Registration Record

·         Baptismal Certificate

·         Seaman’s Book

·         Income Tax Return (Old)

3.        Courier will pick up the requirements you prepared

4.        Go to DFA for your personal appearance on your scheduled date

·         The DFA requires all applicants to the new Machine Readable Passport format to make a one-time personal appearance. You will schedule when you want to do your personal appearance. When you go to the DFA, a Teleserve personnel will escort you to the Priority Lane. Instead of standing in line for hours, you’ll be done in 30 minutes.

5.        Courier will deliver your new passport

You may also visit the DFA Passport Direct website for more details

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