This afternoon, I got home and found Php 4,110.15 suprise extra money under my bed! Wowowee!

There’s a lot I could do with Php 4,110.15 surprise extra money.

  • I could enroll myself and a few loved ones in Bo Sanchez’s How To Become Truly Rich Seminar
  • I could Invest it in Landbank’s LTNCD
  • I could go to Coron, Palawan and dive some
  • I could sponsor another friend to enroll in PSI, the seminar that turned-around my life
  • I could have a nice urban adventure dinner date with my Ganda friend
  • I could buy myself a memory card to enhance my phone; or maybe take a memory enhancing course
  • I could get a couple of good books on finance or self-improvement
  • I could give it to Gawad Kalinga to help build a home
  • I could buy ice cream for me and my family

In other words, there’s a lot I could do with an extra P4,110.15, don’t you think so?

But let me step back a bit and answer a question you probably have in your mind.
Question: “Where the heaven did that P4,110.15 surprise extra money come from in the first place?”

AlksansiyaQuick answer: I put it there. 😉

In a span of 1 year, I saved all the coins I had in my pocket at the end of the day and automatically put it in my alkansiya. Yup, an alkansiya is a good place to start creating some extra money.

I started my alkansiya in May 2007 when I moved to my new house in Cavite. What triggered me to start my daily savings are some books I read: “Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Personal Finance!” by Efren Ll. Cruz as well as “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker.

Both authors encourage the habit of saving even just a small amount, as long as we save consistently as a habit.

One benefit of saving is creating a small sum to get anybody started with investing. As Efren puts it, there is gold in your own pocket! You think you don’t have money to invest? Look inside your own pocket! Instead of buying that yosi, or that bottle of softdrinks, or that extra piece of cake, put that extra 5 or 10 pesos in your alkansiya. Soon enough, you’ll have money to invest in a mutual fund or LTNCD.

Another bigger benefit of saving is the mindset that is developed through saving. Putting in some coins in my alkansiya at the end of the day reminds me that there is ALWAYS ALWAYS always some money that I can put aside for future use. Putting aside money at the end of the day instills in me an attitude of abundance. When I come home at the end of the day, I see my alkansiya full of coins and it reminds me: “All this money came from my very own pocket.”

There is satisfaction in finding some “surprise” extra money which I actually created!

Action plan

Set a goal. What would YOU do with some surprise extra money under your bed? THINK about what YOU would do with some extra money. Best if you’ll spend it on something positive (instead of drinking away the night in beer), something that will nurture yourself, something that you truly enjoy (instead of using your alkansiya to pay for the electric bill). Enjoy! It’s your celebration and reward money for yourself!

Write it down. Do you have something in mind to use your surprise extra money now? Write it down in a piece of paper! Write it down, to remind yourself.

Alkansiya. Get yourself an alkansiya. Make it a BIG alkansiya, not some small sardine-sized can. Think BIG, my friend! I use a 6 liter clear plastic bottle of purified water (without the water! 😀 ). Have the alkansiya clearly visible to you everyday, but keep it in a safe place.

Start Creating the gold right from your pocket. Starting TODAY put all your coins in your alkansiya at the end of the day. Want to be more generous to yourself? Put in that 20 or 50 peso bill, or that 10 Dinars or 5 Dollars. Feel good about it, watch your money grow!

Celebrate! Soon enough, you’ll have enough coins to buy your goal! And a mindset that tells you YOU HAVE MONEY , it just takes creativity to create that money! Celebrate!

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