How can I invest my hard-earned money in the Philippines?
I will gather links to investment opportunities that OFWs can avail of while in another country, via the internet or through intermediaries in other countries.
I will also gather links and write articles how to investment in the philippines through your relatives (Philippine-based transactions).

No assurances here, just information that’s hopefully helpful.

Invest from Abroad:

  1. Tulong Sa Pinoy – seeks to engage the support of global Filipinos in helping their kababayans back home sustain their source of livelihood or become small entrepreneurs.
  2. PNB’s OFW Center – Investment opportunities via PNB

Investment References:

  1. Colayco Foundation – Building personal wealth through financial literacy
  2. Investing in Government Debt Securities – By Asian Development Bank
  3. Investment Company Association of the Philippines

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