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One of the biggest challenges in maintaining communication with our loved ones is keeping our lines connected without the hassles of maintaining a post paid account. Click4Prepaid solves this problem for us by providing prepaid phone cards which we can manage on line. With this service, we can stay connected with our loved ones all the time.


Click4Prepaid is operated by Lucky Communications, Inc.’s Prepaid Phone Card service. Lucky Comm is a service and solutions provider who has been in operations since year 2000. It has been providing reliable and affordable means of long distance communications for more than 7 years now.


With Click4Prepaid, you can:

  • Purchase a Prepaid Cell pin or a Click4phonecard for any of the following:

Airvoice GSM, Alltel, Appalachian, Azteca, Beyond GSM, Boost, Buzz, Call Plus, Cenntenial Wireless, Cingular, Hargray, Iwireless, Jump, Liberty, Locust GSM, Mojo, Movida, Net10, Omni, Oxygen GSM, PagePlus, PLA Wireless, Platnium Tel, Ready, STI, Tmobile, Tracfone, Virgin, Verizon

  • Send a Text Message to most cellular phones worldwide through your click4prepaid account;

  • Reload prepaid cellphones of your loved ones in the Philippines by transferring credits (Smart, Globe, Sun);

  • Surf the web with prepaid dial-up service by purchasing a Click4netphone.

Additional Features

  • Callback Feature– if you live outside the United States but would like to access the services, all you need is internet connection or a cell phone that will allow you to send an email message to the system. The system will then call you in your home country but the charge is as though you’re just calling within the US.

  • Referral System – click4prepaid has a referral system wherein you can refer other people to use the service and you can earn free credits and extra cash. How does this work? Well, once you have established your account you just email customer to request for a referral affiliate account. This will authorize you to refer 3 new users and you can refer them in 3 ways.

1. Email – send emails to your referrals through your free click4prepaid email account and they just have to click on the sign-up link which will automatically log them in.

2. Click4Prepaid Banner – just place a click4prepaid banner on your website and your referral will automatically be logged upon clickthrough.

3. Recommend – just ask your referral to include your user ID upon signing up.

You’ll be receiving 10% of the value of the transactions of your referrals. You have the option to accumulate all your commissions in your account balance or you can cash them out once they exceed $100.


The rates for cell phone credits actually depend on your prepaid phone service, although credit packages usually range from $5 to $100. If you are to transfer credits to a prepaid cell phone in the Philippines, the fees are as follows:

Credit to Cell



150 Pesos

USD $5

300 Pesos

USD $9

500 Pesos

USD $13.5

1000 Pesos

USD $28

If you are to use the phone cards to send messages internationally, the cost would be relatively cheaper. For messages sent to the Philippines, the cost is only $0.15.

For web dial-up services, cost of the service is $0.04 per minute if you are in the US.

For a complete list of rates for the services, you may click on these following links:

Phone Card Rates

Netphone rates

International Callback Rates

How to Avail

Availing of the services is easy, just set up an account in their website by signing up. Once you have set up an account, you’re ready to go. You can start recharging any current Lucky Comm phone card, or if you’re entirely new to the service, you can purchase a new virtual phone card through your account and start using its credits.


Since the services are pre paid, there is neither connection nor subscription fees that you need to pay on top of the payment for the services you get to use. There are also no maintenance or minimum balance fees.

The referral system allows you to earn SMS credits or cash. So you get to use the service and earn at the same time.


Upon initial sign-up, you’ll be able to get a $5 credit for only $1!

Calls are computed in 1-minute increments so partial minutes are rounded to a full minute. So when you use the phone cards for calling, don’t say everything in such a hurry since you can maximize your minute.


Office Location
Lucky Communications, Inc.
1028 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: (415) 934 – 1089
Fax: (415) 864 – 2606

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