I have always been interested in investing on stocks but I never had the opportunity to really look at it and study how it works. Well now we can look together at CitisecOnline, an online investment program, and see what it has to offer.



CitisecOnline is an online brokerage firm in the Philippines, it is a member of the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Exchange. CitisecOnline or COL has an easy

investing program wherein it endorses the use of Peso Cost Averaging.

Peso Cost Averaging

Well it is a method of investing wherein one invests a fixed amount of money at regular intervals over a long period of time. The advantage of utilizing this method is that you reduce the risk of buying more stocks when the prices are high or buying fewer stocks when the prices are low. It is actually the other way around. This method is designed to help the investor maintain a low average cost. Since you are maintaining a fixed amount of investment, you end up buying more stocks when the prices are low and less stocks when the prices are high. In the long run, you end up maintaining a low average cost.

How to Start with

the Investment Program

First step is you sign up and you open a COL account today. Then you will be asked to determine a fixed amount that you would want to invest and the schedule of your investments. Then there will be COL’s list of premium growth stocks from which you can choose then your good to go. You can start investing for as low as Php5,000 per month.

Once you’ve opened an account with COL, you will automatically be reminded of your investment dates. You can also monitor the performance of your stocks anytime and anywhere since they have a Portfolio Tracker. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about this kind of investment, COL’s site will help you understand it better. You may click on this link for a sample stock quote as well as the list of terms used together with a brief explanation for each . They also have a primer which you can download online.

As an investor, just be reminded that you still should be wary of the risk involved for every investment you make.

COL conducts a weekly 1-hour briefing at their office.

You may visit them at:

CitisecOnline.com.Inc Business Center
2403-B East Tower PSE Centre, Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Customer Service Hotline: 6-333-777
Email: helpdesk@citiseconline.com
Website:  www.citiseconline.com


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