First Metro Securities is a stock brokerage firm owned by Metrobank Banking Corporati

on. It is a service that allows you to trade securities at the comfort of your own home. And because it is owned wholly by Metrobank, you can rest assured that your investments will be taken cared of in a safe and secure professional manner.

OFW’s can now choose from a wide variety of security options available at the website to invest their hard-earned income into powerful high-profit stock-options.

Metrobank implements this online trading scheme to attract various Internet aware clients to invest in the Stock Market in real-time, in the convenience of your own PC. A lot of Filipino businessmen recognize the professionalism of this Filipino online trading company. Both the veteran shareholder and the youthful dealer will discover this service consumer–friendly, instructive and containing some complex tools required to generate money-making asset stratagems.

First Metro Securities recommends many tools to assist you to gain knowledge of the ins and outs of the Trading Floor, whether you’re concerned about dealing stocks, options, shared funds or still, bonds. With stumpy commissions and no lowest-amount financial credit balance prerequisite, this internet brokerage proposes reasonably priced rates to each potential investor.

First Metro Securities have the following services offered to date:
• real time quotes
• updated information on listed companies, including company profiles, financials, dividends, charts and technical analysis
• latest newswire feeds
• stock market summary
• top gainers/losers
• most actives
• ease of funding, transacting

and withdrawal, and
• the highest level of security, including VeriSign certification.

First Metro Securities began in 2006 as a service primarily focused on Metrobank clients and account holders; however, nowadays the broker presents a broad array of investment options including stocks, mutual funds, swap over–traded funds and bonds to other post-Metrobank clients as well. If you are an OFW working abroad, this would be a great way to invest your hard-earned money.

Additionally, the service provides easy to access user-interfaces; transactions are done just by filling up certain profile fields, and entering various access numbers and accounts. Forms are readily available on the site, if you are ready to trade, just download the necessary forms, fill-up, print, send via snail mail and fund the account. It’s as easy as that. If there are problems in creating your account, contact details about First Metro Securities including street addresses, emails, and contact numbers are easily accessible in the web site.

The site is easily navigable, everything is in there and all you need to do is just click to access some features of this online web trading service. As said earlier, trading is simple, just log in to your account, and trade all you want. And because this service works online, just visit the website within any hour of a normal trading day, and engulf yourself in trading madness. First metro Securities takes safety measures and issues very sincerely. They tender VeriSign scam protection so all traders are within the safety measures of online trading.

Though First Metro Securities only offers one office to cater to the whole nation, their online support and telephone help is splendid. If there is a problem with your account, just call a number and you will be automatically redirected to a helpful online support team and call center that immediately assist you in your queries.

First Metro Securities is one of a good number of technologically sophisticated online web trading services for Filipinos, As of this writing, the site has documented a good number of active traders actively participating in the trades. Although trading using this medium takes a lot of time in getting used to, once you’re adept in this trading scheme, the possibilities would be endless.

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