Looking for a place to put your long-term savings? Don’t put it in a savings account! Try mutual funds, so that it earns interest.

I’ve invested in Phil Equity. It was referred to me by good friend Dexter and confirmed as a good investment for my needs by an officemate who’s into investing.

This is a start for small investors like me.

I like Phil Equity because of the good reputation and track record they’ve shown for the past three years or more. One poster screams “Philequity investors doubled their money in 3 years!” Of course those were the early takers and that feat isn’t going to repeat itself soon.

Entry is easy with a P5,000 initial investment plus minimum of P1,000 subsequent investments.

Ideal holding period is 2 years to maximize the returns and interest rates.

I also like the convenience of transactions through eBiz outlets of Western Union. There’s a branch near my residence and it’s easy to turn-in my investment after office-hours. Certificates follow a few weeks later so it’s likewise easy for me to drop by to get the certificates.

Visit eBiz and Philequity for details.

ka edong
budding investor

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