I’ve been investing in PhilEquity Mutual funds for more than a year and a half. I like the convenience of making additional investments in small increments (as low as P1,000) and the convenience of proximity to my work and home. There are Western Union-eBiz offices scattered around the metro and I could put in additional investments in any of them, if I choose to do so.

In the past, the downside of transacting with many branches is that I needed to go to these branches a month or two later to collect my certificate of investment.

But I hear that it is no longer necessary to come back to eBiz to get the certificate of investment. They now have an online facility to manage accounts. No more paper certificates to keep. All investment information will be stored online.
I haven’t seen the online account though. I have yet to apply for one.

The website is a great improvement from around a year ago. It used to look like a high-school project. Now the PhilEquity website is more professionally rendered and now has historical NAV information. That’s convenient. They also have an Investor Education section, Some online forms and other useful information to help investors make decisions that work for the investors.

Visit PhilEquity for more information

ka edong

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