A good investment option for Overseas Filipino Workers, is putting your hard earned money in Mutual funds. A mutual fund is an efficiently supervised policy of communal outlay plans that pools cash

from many shareholders and supply it in stocks, bonds, short-term money market implements, and/or supplementary securities. The mutual fund will encompass a fund supervisor that deals the shared money on a standard origin.

A Mutual fund is used as a broad expression for a variety of communal venture vehicles, for instance unit trusts; open-ended investment companies, unitized insurance funds, and undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities.

A good example of a mutual fund Investment option is the Metrobank Save and Learn Fund. The First Metro Save and Learn fund client can put in, in several kinds of securities.

Investment Choices:
Save and Learn Equity Fund
The most common is the Save and Learn Equity Fund. With this option, a potential client gets to place a mutual fund spent in chosen stocks, and vigorously managed for greatest rate performance. Stock funds bought with the Save and Learn Fund, for example, can be invested principally in the shares of a particular business, such as equipment or utilities.

Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund
The Save and Learn Fixed income Fund is a mutual fund devoted to preferred high grade fixed income producing tools, for instance, bonds, commercial papers, and other money market instruments. This instrument is reserved for investors who are interested in lower risk with low to medium gains on their investments.

Save and Learn Balanced Fund
The Save and Learn Balanced Fund is what it says it is- Balanced. Being the equity a bit more high gain and low risk, and the Fixed income a bit of the opposite, The Balanced Fund option is a little of both plans. The Balanced fund is a mutual fund invested in stocks for assets development and fixed income securities for stable income in the whole policy status.

The Asset Managers
So right now you may be thinking “How safe are my investments going to be?” The Save and Learn investment options are professionally catered and managed by First Metro Asset Management, Inc. – an asset business consultant licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to direct and deal out mutual funds. First Metro Asset Management only takes a small front-end load charge whenever a transaction is completed.

Benefits of Investing with Mutual Funds
The commerce of Mutual Funds management has more than a few facets, counting the service of specialized fund managers, study of individual possessions and asset category, selling, arrangement, advertising, domestic auditing, and the research of reports for customers. The First Metro Asset Management group is a firm that exhibits all the intricacy its size demands. The mutual fund program allows its members to effectively choose whatever options they want for safe and secure trading. The finance managers handle your accounts with ease and perfection, and allow you to enjoy the confidentiality of this offer.

Before you invest for this service, it is important that you know that the First Metro Asset Management group courses your funds through a conformity staff to check its validity, financial controllers to analyze the investment’s speculation, workstation experts, and “back end” workers to follow and make sure

that your funds and accounts have met the requirements.

The Save and Learn asset management options are some of the best in the market today. Most of the latest and greatest innovations are here. And even though the First Metro Asset Management Company’s web site is hard to operate and comprehend, backed up by Metrobank’s reputation in the financial business, I will not be nervous in giving them authority over my investments.

First Metro Asset Management Inc.
18 th Floor, PSBank Center 777 Paseo de Roxas Ave. corner. Sedeno St. Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. nos.: (632) 891-2860 to 65
Fax no.: (632) 816-0467
email: FAMI@firstmetro.com.ph

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