I saw this poster at a bus stop on the way to Baguio. It’s a niche OFW loan specially packaged for OFWs, Seamen or their beneficiaries. The name of the company caught my attention: “Global Dominion”. Crafty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the details of the OFW Loan:OFW Loan (24 hour release)

Seaman Loan (24 hour release)

Allottee/Beneficiary Loan (7-10 Working Days)

Requirements for OFW Loan:

  • ร‚ย 2 valid IDs, 2×2 picture
  • Original Proof of Billing
  • Thru POEA: Contract of Employment, POEA Info Sheet, Visa, Passport, E-Receipt, Plane Ticket
  • Direct Hire/Immigrant: Contract of Employmen, VISA/Passport, Plane Ticket or Flight Details
  • For Placement Fee: Job Offer/Contract, Medical Exam Cert.
  • Co-borrower (spouse/beneficiary as co-borrower, 2 valid IDs, ID Picture, Proof of Billing)

Requirements for Seaman’s Loan

  • 2 valid IDs, 2×2 picture
  • Original Proof of Billing
  • MArriage Contract if married
  • Standard latest contract of deployment
  • Seafarer Registration Certificate
  • Passport / Seaman’s Book
  • Allotment Slip / Certificate of Allotment
  • Co-borrower (spouse/allottee as co-borrower, 2 valid IDs, ID picture and proof of Billing)


  • 0917-8554727
  • 0920-9518507
  • 074-4469229

Global Dominion Seaman LoanOn a final note, let me slip in a caveat.ร‚ย  This post does not comprise any endorsement or recommendation, just provision of information. Please use service with caution and ensure that all your questions are asked before you commit to a loan.

Lastly (tutoo na), I learned a finance principle applied by microfinance. Loans should be used for productive means — to increase cashflow. Do not use loans for plain consumption, for luxuries or worse, for gambling! Use the loan to help you earn more money by, for example, putting up a small business (banana cue, fishball, siomai, etc.)

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