Smart International  Services brings together a group of services for OFWs and their families. The services include IDD calls, International SMS, International MMS, International 3G Video Calls and International Voice Text.

Let’s zoom into the International MMS, International 3G Video Calls and International Voice Text services.

 International MMS

Send picture and SMS to : +(country code) (mobile code) (cellphone no.)

To activate your MMS: Text GPRS ON and MMS ON to 333

To request for GGPRS settings: Text SET GPRS <phone model> to 211. Ex: SET GPRS N6680

 International 3G Video Calls

Dial: +(country code) (mobile code) cellphone no.

Choose “video call” in calling opitons.

Reminder: The person you’re calling should have a 3G-phone and should be within a 3G area

International voice Text

Padalhan sila (OFWs) ng mga messages na pwede nilang i-retrieve anytime! (P10/voice text – up to January 19,2008)

1. To send: Dial *8900(country code) (area code) (cellphone no.) Ex. Dial *8900966509244444

2. To retrieve: Call the retrieval code included in the SMS alert or dial: *9900(country code) (area code) (cellphone no.) Ex. Dial *8900966509244444

3. To reply: Press “1” upon message retrieval then follow voice prompts.

I’m curious about the International voice text. I wonder whether the service is useful for some of our kababayans. I wonder what the advantages of this service are compared to a regular IDD call. I guess it’s a nice for OFWs to be able to listen to the voices of their loved ones anytime when they retrieve a voice text message.

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