Loadntxt is a cost effective way of sending messages from the US to the Philippines and vice versa. This service is relatively cheap at Php1 per message compared to the regular international texting rate (Php15 per message).

With loadntxt, Filipinos based in the US can contact their loved ones back home by sending a message to a US-based access number. Relatives in the Philippines can send their reply through a Philippine-based access number.

Text messages sent from the US cost only $0.05. Messages sent from the Philippines cost only Php1.


About loadntxt

Loadntxt is being operated by IPTxt Messaging Services, Inc who is a Wyoming company and has provided messaging services since September 2005. Loadntxt’s primary goal is to provide a low-priced alternative to international texting. The company somehow saw the need of Filipino workers abroad to communicate with their loved ones in an inexpensive way and thus, loadntxt was initiated.

Sending Messages

Sending a message through loadntxt is easy. For US-based subscriber, a particular nickname will be assigned to their contacts in the Philippines, and then all they have to do is type the nickname_message then send it to the US-based loadntxt number. As for those who are in the Philippines, they just type their

message and send it to the Philippine based loadntxt number.


Those based in the Philippines will only be charged Php1 per 160-character message that they’re going to send to their US-based contact. Those based in the US on the other hand will be charged $0.05 for every message sent or received, though their mobile carrier will still be deducting their regular charges. If for example you have a monthly text messaging plan, the messages you will send using loadntxt will still be deducted to your monthly text allowance. If you are using a prepaid service, then your carrier’s Pay per Use rate will still be charged in addition to the $0.05 charge with loadntxt.

Using LoadnTxt

To avail of the service, the US-based contact has to register using his/her mobile phone. After the registration, the subscriber has to create a list of his contacts in the Philippines. This can also be accomplished through his cell phone. He just needs to add the name and contact number of his contacts. In order to Activate Account, the subscriber will have to pay a one-time activation fee of $15 and to load an initial load of $10 which is good for 200 incoming and outgoing messages. Payments can be through bank deposit, over the phone or through this website.

What’s Good

  • Registering with the service is hassle-free since it can be done through the subscriber’s cell phone.
  • There are convenient ways of making payments for the registration fee and load credits.
  • Subcribers in the US can send load credits to their loved ones at home. Send Load to Phils
  • Load credits do not expire.
  • There is no limit to the number of contacts that you can add in your list.
  • Service is available in the 50 US states, so you can avail of the service even if you’re transferring to another state.


Avail of the free trial loadntxt offers; it will enable you to send 10 free messages to the Philippines. Try it now!

When you avail of loadntxt, you can save more if you have a monthly text plan rather than when you avail of a prepaid or a postpaid phone service.


Website: www.loadntxt.com
Telephone Number: +1 (323) 319 4234 (5pm to 2am pacific time)
Yahoo IM: loadntxt
IPTxt Messaging Services, Inc.
5348 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

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