Trabaho … I-Text Mo!An SMS facility which is part of the Phil-JobNet program of the Department of Labor and Employment’s Beureau of Local EmploymentIf you’re looing for a job, simply text the following:

*To Inquire for vacancies for a specific position:
Type TRABAHO <position>
Ex. TRABAHO clerk

*To inquire for vacancies for a specific position in a particular place:
Type TRABAHO <area>/<position>
Ex. TRABAHO Quezon City/Customer service Assistant
TRABAHO Saudi Arabia/Nurse

*To inquire for all vacancies in a specific place:
Type TRABAHO AREA <area> (city, municipality, province or country)

For Smart subscribers send to 2476
For Globe subscribers send to 2376

I wonder how effective this service is. I guess this works well for Filipinos who have more access to cellphones than access to the Internet or broadsheets.

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