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eOFW.Net’s Online friend Lestat on, writes about the SSS Online System. He gives a good perspective about how the online SSS service could help OFWs have the peace of mind knowing their money is indeed being contributed to SSS.

I’ve tried this SSS online inquiry system before and it did give me accurate information. It’s very easy to use. It asks for just three pieces of information (SSS number, surname and birthdate) and the user will immediately be able to access the following information:

  • Actual Premiums
  • Benefit Claims
  • Employment History
  • Flexi-Fund
  • Loan Status
  • Member Details
  • Sickness Claims
  • SSS Id Clearance
  • DDR-Funeral
  • Loans
  • Sickness/Maternity
  • Checklist of Documents

The ease of accessing the information is a double-edged sword. On one side, it makes it easy for SSS members to find information about their SSS account. On the other hand, it is also easy for anybody to just access another person’s account.

This is a security concern. I wouldn’t want just anybody looking into how much I’ve contributed to SSS. I’d like to have that kind of information kept private.

In any case, the system is available for any SSS member to use. Keep you SSS number private, don’t go announcing to the world your SSS number.

Visit and read about Lestat’s take on the SSS Inquiry System.

As an aside, I observed in Singapore that there are some services that enable OFWs to send their SSS contributions via over the counter transactions (ultimately, a remittance that goes to SSS). On another note, SM Business centers also offer SSS account inquiries.

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