Ask anyone who has applied for his or her own birth certificates, marriage certificates and even CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) and they will always tell you that the whole process is hard, time consumi

ng, and boring. Recently, the National Statistics office informed the public that these documents are needed nowadays not only for passports or marriage purposes, but in some cases, also for applying for jobs and for graduation purposes.

Through the initiative of the Philippine government to web-alize their system, applying for a Philippine birth certificate and supplementary civil registry documents is at the present achievable online.

The e-census service has been accessible for fairly a long period now and I know that this information would be useful for those that are in need of applying for their documents, but reside in far-flung places. With this one-of-a-kind service, internet users can now apply for their documents at, NSO’s one of a kind Internet service.

For each application that turns up positive, NSO charges Php 300.00 which is inclusive of the delivery fee, which sends the documents directly to your doorstep.

For clients abroad like OFW’s or Immigrants, E-census charges US$20 for its services. The courier service in the Philippines, delivers your documents 3 to 6 days upon payment, while for foreign applicants, expect them to arrive within 2 months. As a safeguard to this service, rest assured that your documents will arrive and the National Statistics office guarantees that the documents will arrive safely and securely.

This is an important aspect of Filipino life as most things that happen in Filipino society usually requires a Residence certificate, or Birth Certificate, or somethimes, Both.

Available products at E-census are Request for copies of Birth / Marriage / Death Certificate / CENOMAR (Singleness). The services can be availed of by either paying from the following modes of payment:

  • Pay customer requests online using Megalink ATM card via The PORT Payment Gateway (for requests within the Philippines only).
  • Pay Customer requests online via Credit Card (for Philippines, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Canada and Europe credit cards only)
  • Pay for the requests through Equitable PCI Bank / UnionBank / Correspondent foreign banks.
  • Pay for the requests online using Equitable PCI Bank account via FASTNet

It has been envisioned by the Government

to make all available services online, and this is one service that promises to do so.

Recently, you can now apply for Passports, pay bills, pay your taxes using the Internet, now, add this E-census to the list of available services online.

It’s very easy to apply for the E-census products and services, just type in the website address, click on any available service you want to avail of, download the forms, fill them up, submit, and you are all done. The website is jam-packed with information, everything you need to know in your Documents are all there, accessible through the click of a button.

Recently, it has been announced by the department that you can now pay for your e-Census certificate requests at Mail and More branches nationwide; these are small stalls where you can pay courier, money orders, or payment centers.

On top of it all, the E-census program is one of the sites that truly defines the Internet capability of the Filipino government, truly a sign that Filipinos are also capable of using technology to its advantage.


e-Census FAQs:

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