Pssst! Ang mga sikreto sa pag-transact sa SSS. Mahahanap sa SSS Codigo ng Bayan. SSS Online eOFW received many questions about the SSS Online Inquiry System when we featured it in a previous article. Many visitors did not know how to use the Philippine Social Security System (SSS) website to check the status of their own contributions. We even had to hide many of the comments because visitors divulged information that compromises the security of their SSS information. In this article, eOFW describes the features of the SSS website and gives a guide on how to use it. The article describes

  • the online registration process for SSS Members,
  • how to register abroad for non-SSS members,
  • how and where to pay for SSS contributions abroad,
  • answers to common questions
  • some tips on keeping your SSS information secure

and more! I understand why our OFW friends are running agog over SSS. The current state of the website is chaotic. Pages won’t load, important information won’t appear, and of course, our friends outside the country cannot check their contributions nor inquire about basic infos on their SSS accounts. To make life easier for all of us, I got myself a guidebook for SSS members. I was able to get some information that you might need when you want to check your contribution status or register to SSS. Registration for SSS Members First stop is the registration process. If you already have an SSS number, you can always go to the SSS online inquiry system and register. You would have to fill out the online questionnaire with your name, address, SSS number, birthday, email address, and your employer’s ID. You have to have the complete information before the system allows you to submit the online questionnaire. Upon submission, you will have to wait for several hours (or days) to get your password via email. The new SSS interface allows you to have a more secure online session with SSS. Once logged-in, you can see your * Static Information * Actual Premiums * Loan Eligibility * Benefit Claim File * Loan Status * Premium Payments * Eligibility * Documents Filed Non-SSS Members If you are not yet a member, you need to accomplish * SSS Form OW-1 (Overseas Worker Record); * photocopy of your birth certificate and/or baptismal certificate and/or passport. In the absence of these documents, you can submit any one of the following secondary documents * Record of employment * GSIS member’s record * Certificate of National Archives * Birth certificates of childres * Marriage contract * Driver’s license * School records * Voter’s ID * Alien certificate of Registration * TIN Card * Life insurance policy * NBI clearance * Pag-Ibig member’s data form * PHIC member’s record * Certificate of naturalization * Certification from the Office of Cultural Minorities * Permit to carry firearms Submit it to the SSS window on the Philippine Embassy in the country where natural viagra gnc you’re at. Here is a copy of the Overseas Worker form: flexi-ow1 . How and Where to Pay Now you are an SSS member and have an SSS number. The question now would be, where and how would you pay your monthly SSS contributions? I have read some online materials regarding this one, and I found out that there are several ways of paying your contributions. Here are some of them:

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  • Lately, SSS launched a program that will encourage more SSS

    remittances and faster posting of payments, loans, etc. The SSS Electronic Overseas Collection Service in cooperation with iRemit. This is the first time SSS partnered with a non-bank for remittance collections.

  • Fill out SSS form BmBr-119, an auto debit arrangement enrollment form that allows the system to deduct monthly contributions from your bank account.
  • Authorized overseas partner banks of SSS

What happens to your previous SSS contributions when you go abroad? If you are already a member before you left the Philippines, your previous contributions to SSS will remain intact. Meaning, it will not be changed; no amount will be deducted nor added. How do you resume your contributions? If you want to resume your contributions abroad, you can do so by filing up form OW-1 and submit it to the SSS window in the Philippine embassy. Also, you can apply for a Flexi-fund. Does SSS have other benefits that are unique to OFWs only? If so what are they? Just recently, SSS has found a way to give extra benefits to our extra-hard working kababayans abroad. An example would be the SSS Flexi-fund. The Flexi-fund is a provident fund for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) that features flexible payment terms. It

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is an additional service provided by the SSS on top of the regular SSS membership. The Flexi-fund is offered on top of the regular SSS benefits for retirement, disability, and death, among others, which you are also entitled to as an SSS member. What other alternatives beside online registration? Aside from the online registration (which takes a lot of time to load nowadays), there are some other ways where you can check your SSS contributions

  • The conventional method, where you would have to go to the SSS window in your respective embassies. Just give them your name, SSS number and birthday and they will give you your current status; or
  • You can also check mexican online pharmacy it thru SMS. This service is available to Globe, Talk and Text, and Smart subscribers. Each inquiry (message viagra24onlinepharmacy successfully sent) cost P2.50.

How to check SSS contributions through SMS A. To receive updates on contributions SSS (space) CONTRI (space) SS NUMBER (space) DATE OF BIRTH [using the MMDDYYYY format], then send to 288 (Smart/ Talk ‘N Text) or 2931 (Globe). B. To determine the status of your salary loan application SSS (space) SLSTAT (space) SS NUMBER (space) DATE OF BIRTH [using the MMDDYYYY format], then send to 288 (Smart/ Talk ‘N Text) or 2931 (Globe). C. To get information on salary loan payment period SSS (space) LPERIOD (space) SS NUMBER (space) DATE OF BIRTH [using the cialis results MMDDYYYY format], then send to 288 (Smart/ Talk ‘N Text) or 2931 (Globe). D. To get information on loan balance SSS (space) LOANBAL (space) SS NUMBER (space) DATE OF BIRTH [using the MMDDYYYY format], then send to 288 (Smart/ Talk ‘N Text) or 2931 (Globe). Notes: **Please ensure that your SSS number is 10 digits long, and should be keyed in sans hyphens. **And your birthdates should follow the given format. For example, if your birthday is April 11, 1985, it should be keyed in as 04111985. What to do with missing contributions If you found out that you have missing contributions, all you need to do is to go to the nearest SSS satellite station nearest you and bring along your SSS remittance receipt for proper verification. It also depends on when the bank remits your payment

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to SSS. Information Security concerns And as a final note, never, ever give your SSS numbers and details to people you do not trust. Your SSS details contain your full name, present status, birthday, and other details that should be kept confidential, including your financial status. Reasons of security and risking your

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identity would be the result of careless handling of your SSS number. Of course, you wouldn’t want everybody to know how much you’ve contributed to SSS right? I have some security tips here that might come in handy · Keep all documents containing your SSS numbers in a

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secured place. Have it locked, or at least, don’t let unauthorized cialis testimonials persons gain access to your documents. · If cialis tablets you are using a shared computer to gain access to your SSS account, always remember to log out every after session. Never click the “remember me”, as it would give the next user an access to your account. · Delete from your phone any message that contains your SSS number. Related links:

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