Overseas Filipino Workers can now shop and through the convenience of their own homes through the internet or tv with Iremit’s web and television shoppi


Iremit, a globally known Money Transfer firm allow users to shop in the TV or the internet with Ishop, using visual promotions and ads to entice buyers to purchase.

Partnering with the Home Shoppine network, the company that revolutionized home TV shopping with “Shop TV”, Iremit’s Ishop is available to over 150 cable operators and aired in some free-tv bands.

Iremit introduces the “Shop-and-Pay” card, a debit card doubling as an ATM which can be used to purchase in all Home Shopping Network promotions.

The Shop and Pay card is honored in all Visa ATM card tellers nationwide and is compatible for all Internet and mobile web transactions and deals worldwide.

“This new initiative of iRemit brings choices, convenience, speed and reliability to our customers abroad. These are the value propositions they regard highly in shopping for Balikbayan boxes and gifts for their families and relatives back home,” Bansan Choa – Chairman of the Home Shopping Network – said on a press interview.

iRemit is shifting the process of bringing OFW pasalubong traditionally like bringing home Pinoy balikbayan boxes and packages to the Philippines from overseas via its latest innovation iShop. iShop is a suitable method of shopping for all Overseas Filipino workers. A majority of products can be purchased here like food, cosmetics, electronics, and the like.

How to use iShop for TV purchases

The iRemit iShop is so simple to use.

Just follow these simple to follow steps and you’re guaranteed with fast and great service.

  1. Select a service or product you are interested in through the HSN ads.
  2. Call the iShop hotline flashed in the advertisement.
  3. Follow the 24-hour dedicated call center’s step-by step’s instructions on purchasing.
  4. You will be given a control number wherein you may track your service.
  5. The product or service is delivered to your doorstep.

How to use iShop for internet purchases

  1. Visit the PinoyShopnSave website or the E-store website.
  2. Select the product you want to purchase from the wide list of categories.
  3. On the right side of the site, there is a widget that shows your checkout information. Click Shopping cart.
  4. You will be directed to the Checkout section. If your order is final click buy now.
  5. Use your Shop and Pay card to purchase your desired product.
  6. Track the product.

Pros and Cons of the iShop service

Promising to make lives easier for the Filipino Overseas Worker, The iremit service iShop provides users with a convenient approach of purchasing online and on TV. With the click of a mouse and a call on the phone numbers, you can easily send products and pasalubong back home to your relatives.

However, a visible downside of the service is when you use it to purchase online. The PinoyShopnSave website is so difficult to use – even for most experienced of ebay users. Some of the controls like the “Buy Me” tab doesn’t even work sometimes.

Nevertheless, the products and categories are well placed and easy to find so you will not have a hard time browsing through the thousands of articles featured on the site.

Contact iRemit/iShop for inquiries

  1. customerservice@shopTV.ph – for order information, transaction inquiries and assistance, technical problems, and customer-related concerns
  2. sales@shopTV.ph – for store partnerships, product

    tie-up and concerns

  3. marketing@shopTV.ph – for general website concerns, comments, and suggestions, advertising inquiries, promotional partnerships, and site link-ups
  4. careers@shopTV.ph – for job opportunities and HR announcements

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