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eOFW has been getting a lot of comments regarding the SSS website.  Unfortunately we are not connected in any way to SSS and therefore do not have authority to fix their website.  But for the benefit of our dear readers, we wrote to the President and CEO of SSS, Corazon de la Paz regarding the state of their website and here was our letter.

President and CEO
SSS Building
East Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City

Dear President de la Paz:

I write on behalf of many SSS members who have left comments on our OFW blog, .
I write further as one of the pioneers in studying e-Government in the Philippines
See e-Government in the Philippines: Benchmarking Against Global Best Practices.
Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD. Patricia J. Pascual. Edwin S. Soriano

As a concerned citizen and member of SSS, I would personally like to stress the importance of your website in providing information to Filipinos here and abroad.

Unfortunately, the SSS website does not provided the information expected, nor the level of service expected from a well managed government institution.

This is evident from the many comments left at our eOFW website featuring SSS online service.
See: How to use SSS Online Inquiry System and more and Check Your SSS Contribution with SSS Online System

Below are excerpts of comments regarding the SSS website:

deejay said,

in August 11th, 2008 at 11:09 am
i always check sss website but its always unavailable..
could anyone help me what to do pls?

mj said,

in August 4th, 2008 at 11:20 pm
useless naman 2ng website sa net ng sss sayang lng ang oras n pagantay tas unavailable dn lng.. pati sa txt..

abcd said,

in August 12th, 2008 at 9:43 pm

nagpunta ako ng SSS para sa Employee Statistics Information at ang sabi sa website daw mado-download and nung chineck ko nabwisit lang ako dahil ndi ko makuha ung kelangan ko at take note ang dami nyo na palang mga complaints sa ibang sites and forums and there’s no action on it kelan pa kayo kikilos?, pag lahat ng tao nagalit sa inyo?

The SSS members expect better service.
We hope eOFW has helped bring this to the attention of the SSS managers
who can make a commitment and a difference to serve their SSS members better.

I have copied key officials of the CICT and the website whom I believe can help in resolving problems of the SSS website.

All the best! Here’s to better online services from SSS for the benefit of the Filipino people!

Horacio T. Templo
Executive Vice-President and Chief Actuary
SSS Building
East Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City

Angelo Timoteo M. Diaz De Rivera
E-Government Development Group
Trunkline: (632) 920-0101 loc. 310
Direct Line: (632) 920-7420
Telefax: (632) 920-7447
E-Mail: tdrivera[at]

Yours Truly,

Edwin S. Soriano

ICT4D consultant and Editor-in-Chief
Information on financial and communication services for Overseas Filipino Workers and their families

Last September 2, 2008, we got a reply from SSS member relations stating:

Mr. Edwin S. Soriano

Dear Mr. Soriano:

This refers to your e-mail dated Aug. 18, 2008 regarding our website.

We thank you for bringing the matter to our attention and we apologize for the inconvenience because for the past few days, our system has been experiencing some technical problems. The system is undergoing enhancements to tighten its security features in order to ensure that no individual can access the account of another SSS member. Please try to access again.

If you still have problems in logging in, please send your communication directly to member_assistance[at] for assistance or contact tel. nos. 920-6401 local 6066, 6073 or 6082 for their information and appropriate action. Don’t forget to mention your SS number as reference.

Thank you for writing.

Very truly yours,

Department Head

To our dear readers, as Ms. dela Cruz has mentioned in her letter, if you have any problems logging in, the best one to contact would be SSS directly through member_assistance[at] or contact tel. nos. 920-6401 local 6066, 6073 or 6082.

Also, we’d like to remind everyone that for your own security, you should never divulge your SSS number to anyone not authorized by SSS much less post it on the internet. As such we have deleted comments that give out their SSS numbers on our articles. We don’t want all your hard earned contributions being stolen away by unscrupulous people. eOFW cannot be held responsible for the consequences of posting your SSS numbers on the comments section.

Thank you for reading our articles and we hope that in our own little way we have helped you, our kababayans, to be better informed.


eOFW is not related in any way to the companies featured in our articles except otherwise specified. We feature different companies for the information of our readers to help them better find services that suit their needs.

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