Being a Pinoy OFW is really a tough job. Yes the pay is interesting and high. You get to meet new people.

You get to see new places. But the price you pay is that you leave the ones you love, your friends and your family, back home in the Philippines.

For a Filipino OFW to spend his time away from the comforts of his own home is truly challenging. It’s a good thing Philam Life, the country’s leading Insurance company, offers its latest brainchild – Club Overseas Pinoy, or in simple terms, Club OP.

In Club OP, constituents provide each other with a variety of kinds of assistance, more often than not non-professional and non-material, to help each and every co-member to cope up with the difficulty of living and working abroad.

The assistance may take the appearance of providing and assessing pertinent information, connecting individual understandings, paying attention to and accommodating others’ familiarity, providing considerate understanding and setting up social networks in the forums. Club Overseas Pinoy is available to all Philamlife OFW policyholders and their families.

Benefits of the Overseas Pinoy Club
Aside from serving as an OFW hub for interests, Club OP offers various seminars, and talks about OFW issues. The Club also offers advice and guidance on financial management as well as investments and options available. Among the standard Premiere features of Club OP memberships are:

• Free Invitations to Philamlife – sponsored OFW events
Discounts from Selected Club OP merchants
• open to all OFWs

The Club also offers a Platinum-class category for those looking for added features. The Platinum membership includes everything stated above and includes the following as well:

• Free Club OP Kit
• Personalized Club OP ID for new members
• Updated Merchant List
• Quarterly Club OP Periodiko
• Family Assistance Office services from Philam Plans
• Free Invitations to Philamlife-sponsored OFW events
• Bigger Discounts from Club OP partner establishments

Overseas Pinoy upholds interpersonal contact amongst their constituents in a diversity of ways. Usually, the members have met personally in groups that permitted spoken communication. Overseas Pinoy also sustains communication through print media, telephone calls and SMS messages, internet forums, and mailing lists. Club Overseas Pinoy has long offered company and information for the community of Philam Policy holders especially members, constituents, and projects who and which are coping with illness or disabilities.

Being a PhilAm Life service, you are guaranteed of full functionality, and professional service to the end. As the worldwide financial systems predicament persist hitting main economies which has millions of people affected more or less around the earth, more and more OFW’s get tense about working abroad, fearing that they may be on the next list for people “going home”. Many global companies lessen their workers just to continue to exist within the economic crisis.

At the end of the day, a good number of Filipino personnel working and living abroad lose their jobs and return to the country, with low morale, with diminished self-esteem. CLUB OP helps in that situation. By providing a club that gets you in communication with each and everybody in your PhilamLife community, you won’t lose connection. Club OP promotes events that get OFW’s together, as well as also providing unique offers and services pertaining to Bank remittances, shareholder policy checking, Loans and insurance offers, and Portfolio and investment management techniques and service.

Club OP gives you a unique opportunity not only to ease your burdens as an OFW that’s handling his finances abroad, but also a way to give your family

an easy way to manage those finances back at home.

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