Every Filipino worker knows about PhilHealth. It’s a Filipino Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) that provides the fast and affordable Health Insurance so that ev

ery registered employee here in the country has access to a long and lasting healthy lifestyle. However it not only lately, PhilHealth assumed and took over the work to take care of the Overall Health concerns of our Filipino Overseas workers.

It also became the medium for the conception of the Overseas Workers Program or OWP, which is considered to be a regular philhealth program covering the aspects of all Land-based OFW’s under overseas based employers with nominal working contracts.

Some PhilHealth- Health Concern Benefits
1. Inpatient coverage – PhilHealth provides financial support for room and lodging, Medication, Laboratory testing, for confinements exceeding 24 hours.

2. Outpatient coverage – Freestanding Clinics, Cancer treatment such as Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy, Kidney Dialysis treatment.

3. Special benefit packages – Enhanced Outpatient Benefit Package
• Coverage for up to the third normal delivery
• Newborn Care Package
• TB treatment through DOTS
• SARS and Avian Influenza Package

The benefits of using the I-Remit program

iRemit Inc. is a properly registered business in the Philippines affianced in providing service to the transfer of funds of a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) globally. With remittances coming in from about a million Filipino workers, I remit helps in boosting the country’s economic advantage.

The business also pioneered the Online transmittal industry by utilizing the most up-to-date IT technology making use of the internet platform enabling it to cut down the customary payment period to as short as minutes up to 1 week depending on the region

and the chosen service manner.

The I-remit program also provides options for Philhealth customers by accepting and facilitating monthly payments and contributions. The process is simple – just download the application forms, fill up, then submit. Use the online tools to track your I-remit payments.

What is the PhilHealth TXT program?

The Philhealth TXT program allows you to get updated information to various Philhealth programs and products. Using your Mobile phone, key-in some codes and send to the Philhealth textline 2960 to receive various updates and information.

Philhealth TXT Example

To know your PhilHealth Identification Number, type the following:


BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960

For members with extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), type

PHICPINLName,FName,ExtensionName BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960


To know your PhilHealth Identification Number, type the following:

PHICPINLName,FName BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960

For members with extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), type

PHICPINLName,FName, ExtensionName BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960


With the Philhealth TXT program you get to enjoy an efficient service that allows you to access a multitude of Philhealth Concerns such as requesting for Philhealth Benefits, knowing your qualified dependents, the status of your claims, requesting for Procedures for PhilHealth ID Replacement, searching for PhilHealth Office Addresses and Contact Numbers, knowing your PhilHealth Employer Number, and requesting for a list of all used keywords within the TXT program.

Unfortunately, the PhilHealth text program is only available for mobile phone subscribers within the Philippines only, Philhealth has not released any news yet on the availability of this service to OFWs abroad. If you are an overseas Filipino worker residing abroad, and you badly need to avail of this service, feel free to contact the PhilHealth Healthline: +63-2-6379999

The Online PhilHealth Experience

PhilHealth helps you by protecting your best income earning asset – Your Health. Staying Healthy is part of the ongoing experience to provide a better future for your family and dependents.

With the ongoing upgrade of Philhealth to the online world, it is wonderful to know that the same efficiency of taking care of your life in the Philippines will also help you live a healthy lifestyle while working abroad.

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