Wherever you are, hope you are having a meaningful All Saint’s Day. Here’s an article related to death of a relative.

The untimely death of a family member poses a dilemma for some OFWs.

Should I go home to attend the wake/funeral?
Or instead of spending for airfare, should I just send home the money to help in the expenses of the wake/funeral?

I’m sure it isn’t a simple decision for most OFWs. There are the family obligations to consider, there are social duties and expectations.

But here is a service that at least gives an option for OFWs who could not come home to attend the wake.

Enter St. Peter Chapels’ e-Burol. The St. Peter Chapels website describes e-Burol:

St Peter Chapels e-Burol

St Peter Chapels e-Burol

The St. Peter Chapels E-Burol is the FREE online viewing facility of St. Peter Chapels.

The e-Burol facility is meant to enable relatives and friends, who can not go to the wake of their deceased, to view it anywhere in the world thru this website. It is a digital and everlasting tribute to a loved one.

It is the first online viewing facility in the Philippines and in the world which allows families and relatives living abroad and/or in the far end of the country to be part of the wakes of their departed loved ones thru the Internet. Using Internet-Protocl (IP) Cameras, a real time video of the wake can be accessed via the Internet.

For more information, visit the St. Peter Website at www.stpeter.com.ph and or at www.e-burol.com . You can also download the e-Burol Manual here.

Thank you St. Peter Chapels for creating this innovation for OFWs!

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