Pag-Ibig Fund Multi-Purpose Loan

Overseas workers sacrifice a lot, and one the moments our fellow Filipinos abroad are looking forward to is the time when they can go back home and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.This could mean going home to a more comfortable home, with a stable business and children about to graduate from school.Well, Pag-ibig Fund is helping OFWs realize these by offering a Multi Purpose Loan.This program assists OFWs with their educational, livelihood and other financial needs.

Pag-ibig Fund

Pag-ibig Fund


Pag-ibig Fund is the Home Development Mutual Fund of the Philippines created in 1978.It has been helping its members in improving their lives through an effective savings scheme.

Multi-Purpose Loan

Since OFWs doesn’t just need housing loans, its good news that Pag-Ibig fund now offers program.It provides financial assistance to its members, including members of the Pag-ibig Overseas Program.The loan may be used for the following needs:

  • Medical
  • Educational
  • Livelihood
  • Minor home Improvement
  • Purchase of Appliance/furniture
  • Other important needs

Who are eligible

Any member who have made at least 24 monthly contributions and is active/contributing can apply for a loan.Not a member yet?Well you can check out this link to Pag-Ibig Fund home page as they provide useful information on how to become a member.You can also download the forms from the site.


One can loan up to 60% of his or her total accumulated value.If the contributions were made in dollars or in other foreign currencies, the member can borrow 60% of the peso equivalent of his total accumulative value.The current exchange rate at the time of approval will apply.You may start you loan application by downloading the form.

Loan details

  • The loan is payable in 2 years or 24 equal monthly amortizations
  • Interest rate is 10.75 percent per annum
  • In case of a delay in payment, there will be a penalty of ½ percent of any unpaid amount for each month of delay.

Modes of Payment

There are several ways by which one can remit payments to Pag-Ibig fund.

  • Salary Deduction
  • Over-the-Counter
  • Auto-debit arrangement with banks
  • Other modes the Pag-Ibig Fund may adopt in the future

For OFWs, the most practical mode of payment would probably be the Auto-debit arrangement with banks.  This would save them the money and trouble of having to send money home and having someone from the family remit the payment to Pag-Ibig.

Another mode of payment for the benefit our OFWs is the online payment recently adopted by the agency.  A memorandum of agreement has recently been signed between Pag-ibig and Forex Holdings.  Now, payments can be made online through the website using Visa or MasterCard credit cards.  The member just needs to fill-up and submit the form online.  The system also sends a feedback to the member whether the payment has already been received.  A receipt is sent to the member’s overseas address for every payment made.


What’s good with this loan program is of course the low interest rate.Also, for overseas workers who are under the Pag-Ibig Overseas Program, they can still apply for a loan even if they still have an outstanding loan.So you need not wait for two years to apply for another loan.Also, if you are a long time member, you can apply for a loan of up to 80% of your total accumulated value.  This is for members with at least 120 months of contributions, while 70% is allowed for those with 60-119 months of contributions.  Another good is that you can make your payments online through the forex website or through the online services of accredited banks .So if you’re worrying about making the payments while you are outside of the country, check out the links.


Pag-Ibig Fund Call Center:(02)724 4244


Text:0917-8922990 / 29907244244 <Pag-Ibig_mensahe>

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