Picture this: you already have your bags stuffed with all your clothes, sun block, personal effects, and important documents.

The airport taxi is beeping its horn at your garage because he has been waiting for you there for already fifteen minutes. You cram your way to leave your house’s status intact; you’ve paid the bills in advance for two months. You’ve left your dog to the neighbor and left him instructions on his daily diet. You call the Nanny; instruct her to clean the house once a week for you’ll be gone for 3 months.

You rapidly clutch your bags, stuff them in the trunk, enter the taxi, and the driver rapidly speeds the car to the airport. You rush to the check in area, and as you enter the terminal, the signs read that your flight is leaving… in one minute! You rush to the counter. A friendly airline staff

greets you and asks for your ticket and passport. The staff member frowns, looks at your documents, at you, and then back to the documents again.

Then you realize… Your passport just expired… yesterday. This happens rarely, but according to various airline statistics, almost 25% of canceled flight tickets are due to expired passports. It has been known since the dawn of time that prevention is better than cure. So why wait for your passport to expire, when you can efficiently and securely renew them on time, and in the convenience of your own home and office?

Passport direct helps make renewing Filipino passports easy and efficient. No more long and winding application queue lines in the Department of foreign affairs. No more hot days and perspiring seatmates. Passport direct offers online Filipino passport renewal and application.

Although passport direct doesn’t eliminate the personal appearance factor at the DFA, it helps in facilitating an easier way to renew. Although you have to visit the office for documents signing and thumb printing, Passport direct picks up your old passport, and delivers the new one in the address you have specified in the online application. Another remarkable feature of the service is you can change or effect alterations in your personal appearance, so you are in complete control of when you want to visit the Department of Foreign affairs – No fuss, no muss.

One of the problems experienced by passport applicants and OFW’s nowadays is the amount of waiting involved for you to be served in the main office. With passport direct clients, the Department of Foreign Affairs reserves a special priority lane for these online customers. However, this efficiency comes with a price. From the regular Php 500 renewal fee, passport direct charges an additional 800 pesos, which is in my opinion a suitable price because the service picks up and delivers the passports right at your doorstep. Most of the additional charges also go to the special VIP treatment that you get whenever you avail of this service. And thinking renewing your passport only happens after 5-6 years, this service is truly something to experience.

The website is easy to use. All the necessary tabs and buttons are there. In the website you can check the requirements you need to facilitate the renewal or application. There is a check status page for you to check how your application is progressing. And a contacts page wherein you can call their 24 hour customer support for inquiries and assistance.

Overall, Passport Direct is one of the web services you can avail that really will save you a lot on time. The application is easy, just fill up the necessary fields and click submit. Passport direct is one of the sites that continue to show that the Filipino thinks of different motivations to help each other whether here, or in abroad.

DFA Passport Direct website: http://www.passport.com.ph
DFA Passport Direct hotline (24/7): (02) 737-1000

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