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One of the most common way by which we save money is through banks, but now there is an alternative and perhaps a more practical way of saving and this is through the Pag-ibig Overseas Program. Through this program, Filipino workers abroad now have the chance to save up, earn and at the same time avail of a low-interest housing loan.

About POP

Pag-ibig Fund is the Home Development Mutual Fund of the Philippines created in 1978. It has been helping its members in improving their lives through an effective savings scheme. The Pag-Ibig Overseas Program (POP) is open to all Filipino overseas contract workers with valid visas or contracts, immigrants as well as Filipinos who have been naturalized in other countries.

Membership contribution is US$5


The monthly contribution of a POP member is an amount which is equivalent to US $5. The accumulated contribution of the member will become his/her savings. The member can then choose to withdraw the accumulated savings upon maturity

which is the end of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. This will really help you save since you will not be able to withdraw your money anytime you have the urge to buy something. Contributions that are made in foreign denomination will be converted to Philippine Peso, and thus, withdrawal of contributions will also be in peso. According to the Fund’s website, the processing period for a refund application is only 3 working days.

The only documents needed for applying for a refund are the original copy of the POP Passbook and application for Provident Benefit. If the member is not present, a Special Power of Attorney is needed.


As a POP member, one can also earn through the program.  At the end of the year, variable dividends from surplus earnings are being distributed to its members. So while you are saving up, your money is also earning. Although of course your earnings will also depend on your total accumulated value (TAV).  The variable dividends distributed annually are also added to the member’s TAV.


Aside from having sure savings, POP also allows members to avail of housing loans. For a POP member who is contributing US $ 5 monthly, he /she can avail of a loan of up to P500,000. The member can also avail of a higher loan amount; however, the monthly contribution will increase since part of the housing loan monthly amortization will be incorporated to the contribution. The second column in the table below shows the amount one has to contribute in order to avail of a higher loan amount.

Pag-IBIG Membership Contributions

Loan Amount



US $ 5


Up to P500,000

US $ equivalent at point of availment


Over P500,000 – P600,000


Over P600,000 – P700,000


Over P700,000 – P800,000


Over P800,000 – P900,000


Over P900,000 – P1,000,000


Over P1,000,000 – P1,100,000


Over P1,100,000 – P1,200,000


Over P1,200,000 – P1,300,000


Over P1,300,000 – P1,400,000


Over P1,400,000 – P1,500,000


Over P1,500,000 – P1,600,000


Over P1,600,000 – P1,700,000


Over P1,700,000 – P1,800,000


Over P1,800,000 – P1,900,000


Over P1,900,000 – P2,000,000

Becoming a Member

To become a member, one just has to file his/her application for membership in any of the following offices:

Pag-IBIG Overseas Program Office
POP Overseas Offices
Accredited Overseas Marketing Representatives
Metro Manila and Provincial Offices
Accredited Collecting Banks/Remittance Companies

If you are worrying about making the contributions while you are out of the country, there are accredited banks abroad wherein members can make payments.

PNB London (Savings Acct. No. 0725-219601-401)
ABC UK (UKD 2000097)

Asia Pacific
PNB HK (Savings Acct. No. 0730-475270-501)

United States of America
Oceanic Bank (Savings Acct. No. 3700143)
PNB New York (Savings Acct. No 1713)
ABC Guam (Savings Acct. No. 5000-00355-4)

Middle East
BPI – Atrium (Savings Acct. No. 3124-0221-09) Speed cash
ABC Head Office (Savings Acct. No. 1002-071759)

Bank of Nova Scotia (Savings Acct. No. 2164-10)

Remittance may also be made to any of the following banks:

RCBC (Savings Acct. No. 8000-08787-5)
PNB Makati Ave. (Savings Acct. No. 265706641-1)
LBP (Savings Acct. No. 2204-008496)
PCIB (Savings Acct. 5463-00176-8)



Website:  Pag-ibig fund Overseas Savings Program

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