Chikka is one of the sites in the Internet that we can be truly proud of. I am a user of this service, because it gives me an important advantage to Online text messaging – Its free! Chikka is trully one of the sites that are geared to Filipinos, because this online text messaging service is built, created, conceived, and maintained by Pinoys. Using it is Free, and registering with it is so easy. With the Chikka Online Messenger, you get to send instant text messages from your Desktop PC to virtually any number in the whole world.

And did I mention that it’s free? Yes it is, all you need to have is an active Mobile SIM, and you’re all set.

Chikka Instant Messenger is the first in the world PC-to-mobile direct messaging conduit.

The Chikka Messenger provides and courses up to 320 characters per message and sends them instantly. If you have a superb internet connection, Chikka allows you to chat in real time and provides you a huge list of options to do so.

One of the latest innovations of the Chikka messenger is that it allows you to connect with your GTalk account. Just add your GTalk friends in the list, and then chat away. Aside from this, Chikka is not restricted to PC use only; just synchronize it to your mobile number, and all your Chikka messages are forwarded to your mobile phone.

Lately, Chikka has ventured beyond text. (Depending on the Country and Provider) Chikka can be capable of sending Photos, images, and video to 3G and

Multimedia phones. With over at least a Million users on the Chikka network, the company has indeed proven too many times that the Filipino is indeed a globally competitive culture.

In May of 2008, Chikka officially launched its “Chikka Instant Messenger” service wherein this new version is purely compatible with popular Internet messengers around, and capable of sending texts to an expanded list of Mobile phone providers around the world. It is only recently, that Chikka has expanded its operation to different countries around the world, namely US, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore more connectivity, means more networks to connect to. Also called “The Chikka Chat Room”, Chikka allows users to create their own community within the program.

The Chikka program is easily installed to a PC by a user, and allows instantaneous “chats” amid other users of the software. Recently, Chikka added some “Value-added features” to its basic messaging functions and are listed as follows:

• Mobile Auctions and Classifieds
• Mobile Matchmaking, Personals and Anonymous Chat
• Interactive TV
• Mobile Alerts

• Airtime Transfer
• Mobile Payments

• Short Message Service (SMS)
• Multimedia Message Service (MMS)
• Voice-Based Value-Added Service

Corporate Solutions
• Mobile Messaging Systems
• Mobile Newsletters and Hotlines
• Mobile Media Advertising and Promotions

With Chikka communities, you get to create networks, and meet new people. The Matchmaking feature is apparently one of the most famous features of the site as it allows you to meet other people for dates, meetings, and socialization gatherings.

The mobile alerts section also gives you access to giving greetings to your friends, and sending “Gifts” to any occasion.

Chikka also allows you to purchase airtime fees and prepaid credits via paypal to send to your loved ones and friends. Although Chikka is a Filipino owned software network, the community acts and works like an international website. Its patented interface has continued to provide Filipinos around the world a good and free way to communicate with each other in this unique and beyond comparison, Filipino Online Messenger.

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